Initial Consultation

We guarantee your satisfaction starting every project with a well-thought-out detailed plan. Consulting with you to prepare a clearly detailed design concept that is congruent with your design intent and budget allowance.

Construction Drawings & Permits

We produce construction drawings and specifications as required for construction and/or building permit acquisitions. We submit and coordinate all required documentation to obtain all required building permits for project construction approval.

Planning & Development

Through a thorough analysis of the project, detailed space evaluations, selection of colors, finishes, furniture and materials to complement the design and suit needs for function, durability and lifestyle are all taken into consideration. Preliminary planning and concept drawings/ sketches are prepared and presented for review, development and approval.

Budgeting & Estimating

Detailed design drawings and specifications are produced to clearly illustrate the proposed plan and accurately calculate construction, material and labor costs. A detailed contract and thorough documentation will be prepared for review and approval to ensure alignment with project construction and budget allowances to be maintained throughout the project.

Working to Exceed Your Expectations

With the support of an established team of skilled and ticketed trades we provide a most valuable component in ensuring quality workmanship for all your projects. With over a decade of experience in working together, we have acquired specialized expertise in the Project Management and Design-Build Industry. Through the solid support of our dedicated team of seasoned, skilled and licensed trades, we ensure the fulfillment of design intent while meeting budgetary and timeline requirements.

ICF Foundations & Building Envelopes (Insulated Concrete Forms)

With Professional Expertise in ICF Installation and Construction we can offer this Superior Building System with its many Advantages.

ICFs’ most Notable Benefit is the Improved ‘Structural Integrity’ that will last a Lifetime. A Foundational Reinforced Concrete Wall is Resistant to Winds up to 250-300 mph.

The continuous Foam Panels provide Superior Performance with Thermal Bridging and an R-value of R-25 reducing Energy Costs by Half while Providing Improved Air Quality.

Built with Reinforced Concrete and Fire Retardant Expanded Polystyrene Foam, a Fire Protection Rating of 4 times that of a Typical Wood Framed structure is Provided.

With Longevity, Low Maintenance and Overall Energy Saving, the Value of your Home can Easily be Retained.

We can provide Construction services for all your Foundation and Building Envelopes as Required.

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